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About Me:

My name is Benice, as you can see above I have had a bad time in the last four years with my weight. I must stress that I am not a nutritionist or dietician, I am just someone who has tried so many different things and I am needing the support from others to achieve my goals.

I weighed 72kg and joined a weight loss challenge, I got down to 63kg after the challenge and then in the last four years I have stopped smoking, gone through a hysterectomy, very bad depression and anxiety disorder. To top it all off the tablets I take for my depression and anxiety is not helping my situation. Now my weight is swaying around 100kg (even at the end of my pregnancy I weighed 72kg, so this is the worst it has ever been for me)

Even though I joined Herbalife after my amazing weight loss, I do want everyone interested to join me on my journey to know that I am not by any means trying to force products on you.

I am purely looking for people to join my whatsapp group so we can help one another stay on track.

Herbalife has it’s own unique program (Which does work), for me though going through everything that I currently am, I am finding that fasting is helping me). I do still have my shake for breakfast (I have had it all the time, even now when I am not eating right – this is mainly as I just love the shake)

Here is what my aim is: I want people to join me on the journey in losing weight. I will give you the options of doing it the Herbalife way or doing it the Fasting way (with the fasting we cut off in the evening and have our first meal at 10am the next morning), really do-able.

We will share results, experiences, food ideas and support one another.

If you would like to join me then please select your option below and we can get started. I am looking at giving a cash prize to the winner who has lost the most, based on % weight loss (the prize money will be dependent on the number of people in the challenge)

The challenge is for 12 days ONLY ! So we can all do it. It will start on a Monday and end the following Friday.

Option 1:

  • Pay R 100 for the 12 days (part of which will be used for prize money)

Option 2:

  • Enter yourself and a friend and pay R 170 for both of you (Part of which will be used for prize money)

Option 3:

  • Pay R 480 and get a shake plus shaker and spoon
  • This will help with sorting out 1x of your meals or you can do the challenge the herbalife way

Join Challenge Now: (You will be contact by me)

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